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Single-Sign-On Login failure: Can we redirect?



We are using Single-Sign on to allow customers to log into the customer portal without having to enter their login details. The problem is, if this single-sign on fails for whatever reason, the customer reaches a Customer Portal login page (login_portal.jsp), with the username already filled in, and asking for a password. This will be confusing for our customers if it happens, as theyhaven't knowingly entered a username or password (as their login is handled by the single sign on).


The question is, is it possible to designate a redirect page (or at least a message to be displayed) if the single sign on fails? I have seen that we can designate a page to arrive at for successful logins and logouts, but I haven't found a way of definining what happens if the login fails - we do not want this login page (login_portal.jsp) to be displayed.


Any ideas will be greatly appreciated






Curious, did you resolved this issue? Are you using delegated authentication? I am having a similar problem.


Thanks, Frank

Amritesh SinghAmritesh Singh

I am facing same problem,If any one of you have solution for this.Please share.