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Documentation Generator

I have seen a couple of ideas in the idea area about adding a documentation generator which would be great but I need something now


Any one had any luck finding/using  any tools for this? 


I am looking at a couple now just figured I would check and see if anyone else has found anything as of yet.





Don AlbertDon Albert
Check out ERBuilder for Salesforce (https://soft-builder.com/erbuilder-for-salesforce/) (https://soft-builder.com/erbuilder-for-salesforce/) - a data modeling tool for Salesforce that allows you to generate navigable HTML documentation for your Salesforce organization. The tool also allows you to get the ER Diagram and the ability to explore it easily.

You can read how to use the tool to get the Salesforce data model (https://soft-builder.com/how-to-get-your-salesforce-data-model/) (https://soft-builder.com/how-to-get-your-salesforce-data-model/)