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Writing test methods to execute a Catch

If I have a try/catch block which does an update to the Database, how do I write a test method to execute the catch? It seems I would have to force the update to fail? 

//Save the information entered in by the student

try {

//save the changes that the student made on the form

update enrollment;



catch(System.DMLException e) {



return null;



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I don't like this but I would normally throw an error to cover the exceptions. This is controlled by a variable so that the error will only be thrown when testmethod is running.



There are a few ways to force a DMLException on update. I don't know all of them but some are:


1. Duplicate a unique field in a record eg. insert a record with a certain name, and then try update another with the same name

2.  Don't specify a required field.

3. Delete the record before you try the update.

4. Specify the incorrect field type eg. try to put a string in a number field (not 100% sure this is a DML exception. Might be some sort of cast exception).


Ask yourself what conditions did you anticipate in writing this exception, and then try fake them.