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select with %field%

Hello everyone!!


I'm trying to do a select. I have the object person, where I have two text fields; howAmI__c and SuperWord__c


 by default: SuperWord__c='pro-active'



 I want to select people with the SuperWord inside of the field  howAmI__c


for instead, a person with howAmI__c='I am a really pro-active person'


I think It's something like:


select  howAmI__c, SuperWord__c from Person__c where howAmI__c=%SuperWord__c%


but it doesn't work!!


Any Idea?!?!?



Thanks in advance!!!




I don't think there's a simple way to do that :( You'd have to fetch all the records out of the database,


 select  howAmI__c, SuperWord__c from Person__c


And make a list to hold the filtered values. Loop throught the first list,


List<Person__c> filteredPeople = new List<Person__c>();


for(People__c person: [select  howAmI__c, SuperWord__c from Person__c]){




Be careful though because contains does a case-sensitive search.