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Need formula to mimic stage duration

We've created a custom field and picklist that has the different steps in our proposal process. I'd like to create a formula that will mimic the existing stage duration one that is standard in Salesforce.  Does anyone have some direction for me on this?  We have professional I believe (the one under enterprise).


Thanks so much!


why can't you just update the opportunity stage with the picklist values? 


Or does your proposal process differ from your opportunity process?


Kevin Edelmann


They are actually different and I'd like to measure both the same way if possible. 


Here is how I would attack this issue. 


  1. Create a date field (not date/time)  on the opportunity.  This will house the date when the custom field is changed
  2. Next create a formual field like the following :  Today() - Custom Field created in step 1
  3. Create a workflow that triggers everytime that the Custom Picklist is updated.  I.e.  Custom Picklist Current Value <> Prior Value Custom Picklist.

Please note I haven't tested it but it should work.


Let me know if you run into any issues.


To YOUR success!


Kevin Edelman


Hi Kevin,

I'm trying this out and got to part 3.  There seems to be limitations on being able to compare the two picklists using a formula.  I can't just say for a formula Stage <> New Stage because the are picklists.  Any suggestions?

SFDC MobileSFDC Mobile

@Kevin042 - However this approach will override every change and the duration field will reflect only recent duration.

@petec@i2isys Use option "formula evalautes to true" and formula as "ISCHANGED( SubStatus__c )" where SubStatus__c is custom picklist.