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Divide Opportunity Amount field into different areas



I've been asked to break down the Amount field of an Opportunity into our different business areas but I'm struggling with how to do it.


Each of our products has been marked with the correct Billing Area - Eg. Production, Service etc and I want to Create a field on the Opportunity that just adds up anything in that Opportunity that is marked as Production and then another field to add up anything that is marked as Service but I am really struggling!  I thought it would be simple to do but unless I'm mising something due to the fact it's Friday afternoon I'm really stumped in this one!!


Any help or guidance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.




Sounds like you are using opportunity products on the opportunity.


If you have enough available, you could use roll up summary fields to summarize the product amounts by business area.


Let me know if you have any questions.


To your success!


Kevin Edelmann




Thanks for your reply.  I have tried using a roll up summary field but I'm not sure that I'm creating it correctly...


I've done the following:-

  • Created a new field in Opportunity
  • Selected Roll Up Summary
  • Master Object = Opportunity
  • Summarised Object = Opportunity Product
  • Selected SUM
  • Field to aggregate = our custom field Price After Discount


And this is where I struggle - I selected "Only records meeting certain criteria should be included in the calculation" and I expected to be able to put in a filter along the lines of Business Area equals Service, but the option to select this field isn't there.


Any help with where I'm going wrong would really be appreciated!!


Thank you! 


Is the business area field on the Opportunity Product object or product object.  Based on your response I am assuming it is on the Product object.


If it is on the Product object, you can't rollup summary on it.  However you may be able to do is create a formula on the opportunity product object that looks up to Product object.  Then you can summarize off of this field.


Let me know if you have further questions or can't get it to work as I haven't tested this out in my demo org, but seem to recall doing this for another client.


To your success!


Kevin Edelmann




I tried doing that but can't get the formula field to show up in the Filter Criteria of the Roll-Up Summary field. My custom formula field on the Opportunity Product object is a text type and it gets auto populated with the value in Product.Family. My need is to filter opportunity products based on their product family.


Any ideas?



I am at exactly the same place as you are at this point, YarivO. Have you found a solution?