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Flag new lead as a current customer

Hi all.


I want to flag new or current leads in SFDC if they are existing customers of ours.  That way our inside sales team can much more efficiently manage new leads that are assigned to them - or we could even write new workflow based on whether or not they are current customers- instead of assigning all net new leads to inside sales, we could assign all net new current customer leads to the account owner or client executive on that account.


The logic would be something like this:


If lead.company is like (account.type=current customer((account.name)) then set some lead.boolean TRUE.


Anyone ever try something like this?


What we do at our company is click Convert Lead, and then the system automatically searches for existing accounts/contacts and offers to merge them in.

Yes, we do the same, but I'd like to identify the possible matches *before* the lead is converted, as it's created (or edited) in the system.


I'm looking at it as more of a way to prioritize the lead, or place the lead within a heirarchy e.g. New lead, New lead/Current Customer, Marketing Qualified Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead/Current Customer, etc.  


In theory, we can then reroute that lead accordingly, or at least flag it as such.


What a timely post - this same idea was brought up by one of our users recently.  I'm interested to hear if anyone was able to implement something like this.

What's your lead import process like? 


If I can't figure out how to do it directly within SFDC, my initial plan is likely going to be to set up a report to pull account names for all current customers in SFDC-->Synch that to Eloqua (our marketing CRM/rating/routing/scoring system)-->perform a company name match on all inbound or re-evaluated leads using Eloqua's native fuzzy logic matching engine-->Flag as potential current customer-->synch back to SFDC as part of our existing synch process.


With that implementation it gives us the ability to evaluate all net new leads as they drop into the top of the funnel (as well as upon reevaluation).


I'd like to figure out how to accomplish this directly within SFDC, however.

Actually our leads are coming in through Eloqua as well.  Unfortunately, our marketing team is the one responsible for Eloqua and they don't have the technical skills necessary to implement something like this.  That's why I was hoping to do something directly within SFDC as well.  If I have some time, I'm going to play around with some apex code this weekend and see if I can figure something out.
Great.  Looking forward to hearing how it turns out.

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