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Date/Time Formula help



Just curious why this does not seem to work. It seems pretty straight forward that one Date/Time field should be able to equal another. I'm just trying to have this custom field equal the create date. Does anyone see what I might be doing wrong?




The following error notice appears: Formula result is data type (Boolean), incompatible with expected data type (Date/Time)




thx in advance!

What custom field type is retailer_status__c?
Kent ManningKent Manning

All you need to do is create a formula field "Retailer_status__c" that is of the type Date/Time.  Then in the formula editor use the insert button and insert the CreateDate.  Save this field and you should be ready to go.


When you typed retailer_status__c = CreateDate you in effect created a conditional statement which is checking to see if retailer_status__c is indeed equal to CreateDate.  It is then returning a value of either True or False.  That is why you are getting the message "Formula result is data type (Boolean), incompatible with expected data type (Date/Time) "

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Thanks to both for the reply!


I was actually trying to use the criteria as part of a formula that had other criteria as well. The formula editor works great (simple) when there is just one piece of criteria, but i've yet to figure out how to make one date/time field equal another as just one part of a formula.


Luckily, I had another way to get the workflow setup ... I was just curious to learn to do this kind of formula properly.