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Reporting on the last three months

Hi all,


I am trying to build a formula in opportunities that will be used in a report to report on opportunities with a close date in the last three months (from last month).


So for example if I look at the report today I will see oppties from June, May & April and when I look at the same report on the 2nd August, I will see July, June & May.


I've been looking at constructing it based on the last day of the previous month -90 but need to consider the number of days in each month etc.  


Then I thought maybe it would be done with month numbers - 3 each time.  


Any examples you may have used would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,





Easist way to do this is:-


~ Go to Reports Section

~ Create  a New Custom Report

~ Select Opportunities

~ Choose Report Type

~ Select Columns, Order etc.

~ Select Criteria - choose Previous CQ, this will give you the previous 3 months and no matter when you run the report it will always be the previous Calendar Quarter.


No need for a formula :)







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Hi Cheriah,


Unfortunately this doesn't work as I could be in the middle of a quarter, ie. if I run the report this month based on the last calendar quarter I will get April, May, June so it works this month but next month I will get the same months whereas I need July, June & May.





Instead of selecting the last quarter in the Time Frame section at the top of the page, go to the Select Criteria step and in the Advanced Filters section, enter Close Date equals last 90 days.  Unfortunately, there isn't an option for last 3 months.  Hopefully this will be close enough for your purpose.


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I've the same issue. I'm trying to create report on opportunities closed for last 12 months.


Any suggestions or comments on how to achieve this?