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Not able to retreive Owner Title and Phone of the account via SOQL query

I have executed following query to retrieve owner details of the account,


Select a.Owner.Fax, a.Owner.Phone, a.Owner.Email, a.Owner.Title, a.Owner.Name, a.Owner.FirstName, a.Owner.LastName, a.Owner.Username, a.OwnerId From Account a


But somehow only following fields are retreived:

{Name=Demo System, Email=demo@akritiv.comFirstName?=Demo, Id=005A0000000YnfSIAS,LastName?=System}  


You will see that Owner Name,Email values are coming but phone title etc are not coming. 


Anybody has any idea on this. Please let me know. 




You need enter values for phone number, Title then only it will retrieve the values  for the User


I have checked it retrieves perfectly



Kannan B