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Read Installed Packages in Organization information

How can I read information regarding What packages are installed in a Org? 


I want to read information regarding Installed packages using a visualforce Page and APEX class. Also, how can I read Tabs related to a packages installed in the Org. 

Any idea?


You can view Installed Packages by logging in as System Adminstration, going to Setup->App Setup->View Installed Packages. This is also where you can see what components are part of an installed app.





yes, but I kind of interested in displayig the installe dpackages list in a page and then also display Tabs in the package. to USERS who do not have Admin Priveledge.

and secondly, Iwant to make the list a selectable checkbox field, where I want to Display or hide components installed in a selected package, or in other words you can say that I want to makr which package is to be available for use and which not, by users from this tab.

Can I do this?


I am not sure of anyway to do that with apex/visualforce.

Why would a non-Admin user need to see this type of information? It sounds like you want to enable very granular control by the end-user to how an Application is configured. That is an Admin feature. An end-user can manage their tabs under Setup->My Personal Information->Manage Displays.