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Do enum data types have a base type?

I want to create a method that handles null enum values.  Do I have to create a handler method for each enum data type I want to check or is there a base enum type that enums derive from which the "instanceof" operator will work?



enum A {ONE, TWO}

enum B {THREE, FOUR}


void checkEnum(<DataType> value) {

    if (value == null)

    // log error, etc.



However, A and B are not an "instanceof" Object nor sObject so what can "<DataType>" be?


I was looking for another solution, and I came across this unanswered thread, so for future reference:


In the example code, A and B are the data types. That is to say:


void checkenum(object value) {
  if(value instanceof a) {
    System.debug('This is an A enum value');
  if(value instanceof b) {
    System.debug('This is a B enum value');




USER_DEBUG:This is an A enum value
USER_DEBUG:This is a B enum value