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Cronkit late

I have setup Cronkit in my sandbox,  I have it running every hour to fire a trigger I wrote.  It worked the first 30 times, then it just started saying it was late and not running.  I then restarted it, and it ran the first few times again and said it was late. 


What causes it to be late?


Its not an Apex Error... 






I have the same issue. Have CronKit running in a full sandbox, seems to run okay for many runs (i.e maybe 200 or so) but then will stop, job says late and just sits there forever. Has happened 3 times in the past week and I have no idea why. It isnt an Apex error, as the class called has try catches to send emails and pass back the results paramter as failed if an exception occurs. If the job runs successfully the results paramter is set to read success. For the late job the result parameter neither reads success or failure meaning it probably didnt run the trigger at all (and no exception email has been recieved)... Its as if the time based workflow was deleted or didnt run so the job justs sits there.


Anyone got any soln? I cannot see if the time based workflow ran or not can I, I can only view future scheduled ones.

I've given up on this .... I am not sure that anyone besides Linvio has an answer....

I'm not sure they even have an answer, I have tried their message board without much joy. They suggest the trigger Apex is failing but the try/catch blocks i have would catch that and send out an email which isnt happening.


I could understand the job being delayed if the governor limits for time based workflow had been exceeded (1000 per hour for Unlimited), as this causes the time based workflow to be delayed untill the next hour. (And I read if the daily limit of 20,000 is exceeded its delayed until the next day). But I dont think its that as i cannot see a workflow queued in 'Setup>Monitoring>Time-Based Workflow' for the next day.


I need a none-manual way of monitoring if the batches ran. I could setup a another CronKit batch to check if a batch for my first process has been run in the last hour/day, but that relies on cronKit working which it possibly isnt :-). Any ideas on how else I can monitor this automatically?

sgoldberRH - has been a continual issue for you? How often does it happen?

Yes it was, it continued to happen everytime I ran a particular job I had setup so I had to give up on it. I only really need the product for one issue and that was the one that kept failing. It is a free product that the guy from Linvio put out with the expectation that salesforce would eventually obsolete his product.  Below is a link on the idea exchange to do just that:




I think your best hope at this point is to vote for that :)