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Repetitive Emails using workflows

Hi All,


Is it possible to trigger an email every 1 hr after a case is created with Status = 'New' until its status is modified?.



Its a bit urgent.


You could manually add interval triggers on the workflow at 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc hours but would have to stop at some point (using the every time a record is created or edited and did not previously meet the criteria). Then when the status changes the time based workflow emails would be removed.


Or you could write an hourly batch process to look for all "New" status' and update a checkbox on the record. Then have the workflow fire based off the value of the checkbox == true. Ensure you have the same workflow set the checkbox back to false.


Just write 1 trigger to fire email.


An dwrite 1 apex class where you can schedule this trigger for certain time interval