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Formula Field on Account using Custom Field from Contacts

Hi Force.com -

I've contacted Salesforce customer support to help me with this and I have since been directed here for help.


I am trying to create a new Custom Formula Field at the Account level that is a "SUM" of a custom field at the Contact level.  The custom field on the Contact level is Field Label:  Lead Score and API Name: mkto2__Lead_Score__c.  The goal of the field is to provide a SUM of the lead scores for contacts on an account.


When I go into create the formula field at the Account Level, and click on the "Insert Field" button - contact fields are not available for me to select from to build the formula.  How do I make contact fields available in this picklist?


Thanks! Heidi H. 


Unfortunately you can't do it with a Formula or a Roll-Up Summary (RUS) field because Accounts and Contacts do not have the relationship required for those fields. 


Which edition of SFDC are you using?


If that's the case - :(


We use Enterprise edition.


I previously contacted Marketo customer support (it's their custom field) and they said "you will need to use custom Roll-Up Summary fields which use the existing Master-Detail relationship between your Contact/Account objects"  I tried Roll-Up Summary  Field, but as of now - I can only access Opportunities as objects there.  Is there a way to make contact fields available for this type of field?


Salesforce Customer Support re-directed me from using Roll-Up Summary field to just the Formula field and sent me to you to ask how to access the Contact fields to build the formula at the Account Level. 




Whoever told you to use an Account-Contact RUS Field doesn't know what they're talking about (Accounts and Contacts don't have the M-D relationship required for a RUS).  So next time you talk to that person, give them this face :-/


Okay I can't promise anything, but let me see what I can come up with.


Thanks, Steve for looking into.  If we're not able to accomplish this type of RUS or Formaul Field through Accounts/Contants -- my main goal is that I'm looking for a way to prioritize accounts in SFDC, any suggestions?

I know this is an old thread but I'm curious if you ever solved this issue? I'm trying to do the same thing. I know engagio can do this if all else fails but for now I'm interested in seeing if this can be done with a formula field.