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Display Fiscal Quarter based on date

Hi Techies,

       We have a requirement for populating Fiscal Quarter when date is selected. Our Fiscal Year Starts In month starts from April Flowing are our accounting periods

• April - June-Q1

• July-Sep-Q2

• Oct-Dec-Q3

• Jan- Mar-Q4


Let say When Date= 20/12/2012 based on month it should display Q3

15/6/2013 it should display as Q1


Can you please help me to create this.






try this code replace with your date field


IF( month(Date1__c)<=3 , 'Q4',if(month(Date1__c)>3 && month(Date1__c)<=6,'Q1',if(month(Date1__c)>6 && month(Date1__c)<=9,'Q2',if(month(Date1__c)>9 && month(Date1__c)<=12,'Q3',null))))