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Karthik B.ax1475Karthik B.ax1475 

Button Redirection

Hi Geeks,
I need your help for following issues.

1. We have a custom object “Pre-trip report” where it is added as a related list to Account, After saving a new Pre-trip report record we have a button called “Send Email” where it will triggers to send email.


Formula for this button is
After click on send can we close the pop up window and refresh parent window. For reference please refer scereenshot1.


2.After saving custom object record can we remove “Back to List: Custom Object Definitions”. Please refer screenshot2.



Please help me on this.


Hi Karthik - That link references the last standard list view the logged-in user interacted with, so I think it shows "Custom Objects" for you since you're working in that node during your development activities.  I would test the full flow from the user's perspective (e.g. access Account tab > Choose account > Add Pre-Trip Report > Send Email).  Since you accessed the account via an Account list view, the expected result would be that you see "Back To List: Accounts".

See this article: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaview?id=08730000000Bp4fAAC