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Urgent help - Validation rule with multicurrency

I have multicurrency enabled org, now having a validation rule on opportunity products as


Unit_Discount__c  >   (PricebookEntry.UnitPrice *  Quantity )


Here Unit discount is flat discount NOT in %.

It works properly when my opportunity currency is USD. But when my opportunity currency is set to MXN then it fails because validation rule checks unit discount against the USD price NOT against MXN price. Here the currency of logged in user is USD but currency on opportunity is set to MXN.

For example -

Test_Product have 2 pricebook entries - one for USD and one for MXN as prices USD 199 and MXN 2095

now if i give unit discount as 200 on opportunity product this validation rule fails but the price is still lesser to MXN price. 


Please let me know how this case can be handled? urgent!!