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How to access 'View All' and 'Modify All' setting for a Custom Object

Hi All,

How do I access the setting (checked or unchecked) for 'View All' And 'Modify All' for a particular Custom Object?


On the Edit Profile page, there is a section where I set the permissions that profile has on a Custom Object. Besides, 'Read', 'Create', 'Edit' and 'Delete', there is a checkbox for 'View All' and 'Modify All'.


I am able to read the values for 'Read', 'Edit', 'Create' and 'Delete' in Apex with a call like this:


Schema.DescribeSObjectResult objectDescription = CustomObj__c.sObjectType.getDescribe();


but I couldn't find a way read the values for 'View All' and 'Modify All'. Is there a method on DescribeSObjectResult that I am not seeing?


Thanks for any help.