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Use Of OrgWideEmailAddress

Hi All,


I explored various docs and came to know that Force.com has introduced one more facility to add

'From Address' to send Email ,Using setOrgWideEmailAddressId(ID) method of SingleEmailMessage Object.


But I Could not found any code how to use it. I am trying to set the OrgWideEmailAddressId  by fetching the ID from OrgWideEmailAddress Sobject Using SOQL.But It gives me  'Sobject OrgWideEmailAddress is Not Supported' Error.


When I am trying to run the same SOQL query on SystemLog it gives me the result.


I also read that we need to do some setting to use the OrgWideEmailAddress facility.


Please tell me with code and settings. How to enable the OrgWideEmailAddress Facility and also how to use it in Apex code.


Thanks in Advance,

Brijesh Thakur




This is a new feature for the summer 09 release. If your sandbox hasn't been updated to that release this function is not yet supported.


For more information:


search: "Outbound Email"


Thanks Micwa ,


So How to update the sandbox.


One more dump question :- How to use Online Help. what it is exactly ?




Brijesh Thakur




What specific profile permission is necessary to query the OrgWideEmailAddress table in SOQL?