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Passing field values via Custom Link URL not working

Hey all,


I have a simple (what I think is simple) custom link that I'd like to do the following...


1) Save the current record (from a custom object - GP Proposal)

2) Add values to a custom field

3) Return to the saved record


Here's what I've got...




Good thing is it's returning to the record.  Bad thing is it's not saving the current edits(when using inline editing) and it's not passing the values to the custom field (and it's not saving that new value).


I can get by without saving the current record (and I tried the link from the detail page (not the edit page) but it still did not work).


Any help would be GREATLY appriciated.  I know it's something simple I'm overlooking.


Thanks in advance


What field are you trying to pass a value to?  Based on your URL, it looks like you are trying to pass the value TRUE to a record ID, not a field. It should look something more like:



Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot

I've accomplished something similar to what you've described, except with a formula field, not a custom button. The idea is the same, the syntax can vary for a custom button. You might try:


* remove the quotes around "true" - also note if  the custom field is a checkbox field, I belive the value should be 1 rather than true


* save=x might be save=1 - at least that's the way it works in a hyperlink formula


For reference, if it helps, here's my hyperlink formula field that when clicked, will:

1) edit specified record

2) update a checkbox field in that record

3) save the record

4) return the User to a specified URL

HYPERLINK(Id&"/e?00N70000002ryVP=1&save=1&retURL=/00O70000002ofM4","Mark Attended")

Sriram sfdc1111Sriram sfdc1111
How can i use for Date field for the default field value am getting invalid date format.