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How to fire Update Trigger in Opportunity while editing or creating Opportunity contact role

Hai All, 

Editing the Opportunity Contact Roles related list changes the Last Modified date on the Opportunity, But Opportunity update trigger is not also fired at that time.I want to fire the update trigger in Opportunity while editing contact role in Opportunity.



Hi aprs,


Did you ever find a solution for this? I would like to do the same thing; detect an update or insert of Opportunity Contact Role on an Opportunity. I also noticed that the Opportunity modify date changes when you do this, but "after update" triggers on the Opportunity do not fire. It doesn't seem like what we are trying to do is possible.


Hi guys,


No solutions yet?






I also have same issue. I want to update one custom field on opportunity with latest Primary Opportunity Contact Role. If some one has any solution please help...