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Need a code!

Hi there - I work in the publishing industry where we use letter territories to determine which reps can call which companies.  (A - gets to call ABC company).  I have created custom fields on the campaigns page for each letter (A, B, C, D, so on and so forth) and I would like to - as reps make closed won sales, each letter to total up the total value won opportunities automatically for that letter.



Alliance Company - $2490.50

ABC Company - $1549.50

Another Company - $449.50



The custom field A would tell me that the total value won opportunity for the particular campaign your on is...


A - $4,489.50


So to pull this it would be related to the "Campaign Name" and that particular campaigns total value won opportunities.


Is this possible?





Here is some code that worked for me. I didn't write any test code, and I left out updating territories C and D because I got lazy, but A and B are working and it is a copy and past.


I hope thiis is what you were looking for and will work for you:


  • Created 4 custom fields in the Campaign object
  • Created an after update trigger on the Opportunity object that passes in all Opportunities as a Map to a Class
  • Created a class / method to handle the bulk of the processing.


Here's the code:


Trigger -

trigger Opportunity_AU on Opportunity (before update) {







Class / Method:


public class Campaigns {


// When an Oppotunity's status changes to Won Closed, the item(s) will come into this method to update the Campaign's Territory totals.

// This class does not reverse the totals on the Campaign screen in the case where an Opportunity status might change back from won/closed.


public static void updtCampaignTerrTotals(map<Id, Opportunity> optys) {



// Used to hold all campaigns and their total summations of Opportunities that are won/closed.

Map<Id, Campaign> campaigns = new Map<Id, Campaign>([select Id, A__c, B__c, C__c, D__c from Campaign]);



// Used for retrieving the Territory that this Account is in.

Map<Id, Account> accts = new Map<Id, Account>([select Id, Name, Territory__c from Account]);



// Get the Campaign and the Account Territory Id. Update the Territory Totals in the Map

 for(Opportunity o : optys.values()) {



// Checks if the Opportunity is closed, is won and has a Campaign associated with it.

// If a Campaign is not associed with an Opportunity a runtime error will occur.

 if(o.IsClosed && o.IsWon && campaigns.get(o.CampaignId) != null){



Campaign c = new Campaign();

Double totalA;

Double totalB;

Double totalC;

Double totalD;


String territory = accts.get(o.AccountId).Territory__c;



if(territory == 'A'){


// Get the saved totals from the Campaign

totalA = campaigns.get(o.CampaignId).A__c;


if(totalA == null){

totalA = 0;



Double oppTotal = o.Amount;

campaigns.get(o.CampaignId).A__c = totalA + oppTotal;




if(territory == 'B'){


// Get the saved totals from the Campaign

totalB = campaigns.get(o.CampaignId).B__c;


if(totalB == null){

totalB = 0;



Double oppTotal = o.Amount;

campaigns.get(o.CampaignId).B__c = totalB + oppTotal;




// Got lazy here, but you get the point :)

//if(territory == 'C'){





//if(territory == 'D'){










// Convert the Map to a List to use in an update

Database.update(campaigns.values(), true);