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APEX Trigger- dupe blocker - batch size

Hey guys,


Has anyone here used the dupe blocker? We are currently using it and it's working well for us. We performed a recent update (100 companies) using the dataloader and noticed that dupe warnings were created. Currently we have all the warnings being assigned to the administrator(me) until we get  the user trained.


We were thinking of setting dupe blocker batch size to 1 and then updating all your records in Salesforce to trigger all warning and place it on a dashboard-- essentially this would automate all our cleaninng efforts


We have been informed that there is a limt API calls allowedi by Salesforce in a 24 hr period and the resulting warnings will take up storage and need to be acted on one by one to merge-however we are okay with this since we plan on exporting all the warning out while we clean up the system


is there a technical concerns here? I think it should be fine since APEX governour limits essentially shields our system from making to many soql query calls. Not sure how the dupe blocker is built but its probably based on after update triggers that create a wanring(a task on each record) that violates the constraint in APEX(It's packaged so we can't see it)