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Creating a downward cross object formula

I'd like to create a formula field at the Account level that looks up the Contact address information. As I understand the Cross object formula, It can only deliver information downward ie, from Account to Contact. Roll up formulas only deal with numbers, so that doesn't solve the problem.

Does anyone know how to just copy the data out of a field in the Contact into a matching field in the Account?

You would need an Apex trigger to do this specificically.  What are you trying to accomlish?  There may be a better solution/work around through the UI.

Are you just trying to make Contact address information visible to the user at the Account page? 


How will you handle the One-to-Many / Account-Contact relationship?


I'm actually trying to get to the contact information for reporting purposes. You can't build a custom report type that links Contacts and Opportunities and Accounts,so I was trying to bring some of the Contact info over into Accounts so I could access it for reports.

I think I'll just have to build an excel report and use the Excel connector to get the data.

Thanks anyway!


I kinda stumbled onto this one by accident (when I learn anything it's usually an "accident" ) .  :smileywink:


When you run a Standard Opportunity Report in SFDC you automatically get a handle to the Primary Opportunity Contact, and have access to all of the standard Contact Detail fields in the report (the caveat is that you have to assign a Primary Contact to the Opportunity). 



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Wow! Thank You. I'll try that out.
Oops - spoke too soon. What do you meand by a "Standard" opportunity report? Where are you looking?

On the standard Reports Tab, if you click [create new report] and chose Opportunities as Report Type / Data Source you want to build your report on, when you go to select your columns to add to the report there should be a section for the Primary Contact Details (including address).





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Okay - yes. The address info is there- just not everything else.

Thanks Again!