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Formula Fields & Picklist

Is there a way to avoid using the ISPICKVAL function in a formula field when retreiving information from a picklist field.


I want to posted the information in the formula field without writing every value in the picklist. I knoew the formula is wrong below but the idea of when the Market Segment field is not NULL post the infomration from that field.


IF(ISPICKVAL({!Account.Market_Segment__c} <>" ", Account.Market_Segment__c))


You could do this formula with an ISPICKVAL function without specifying all of the options.  You would just need to test if it were blank, and then if not provide the other value.


IF(test, cond true val, cond flase val)


That said you can use the newly added TEXT function combined with the lenght function:


IF(LEN(TEXT(field)) = 0, val, val) etc.


If you get stuck drop a line with a few specifics and I can help you generate the precise formula.  Cheers,