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avoid trigger and use formulla or some other means

i wish to see stop user from changing status to something on case if activity history which is relative list have 0 or no records.

how can i do it without trigger, is there a way?




  it is not possible without trigger because we can't create rollup summary fields on activity.


If you don't have to use the activities object, you could also do this with a combination of a custom object, a workflow and a validation rule.

1. Create a custom object with a master/detail relationship to Case and use that to hold your case updates. Include a text area field for the comments.

2. Create a workflow on the custom object to take those comments and do a field update to the description field on the case object.

3. Make a validation rule on the case object to make sure that the description field is not blank before changing status. See below.


NOT(ISPICKVAL(Status, "New")), 
(ISBLANK( Description )))