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Swamy PSwamy P 

fields with colour


     I have a scenario i.e, in my case object one field is there(Formulae field)...that should be in colour .

When a case is created that field is in green colour,when case is not opened upto 30 min than the field should updated with yellow colour as well as if,case is not opened for 1 day than it is automatically converted into red colour.How can i acheive this with oud coding.


Hi there,


          I am not sure about adding the colour to the field but I had worked on the same scenario sometime back which kind of had the same requirement, So the solution I came up with was, To use flags(Images(Red,Yellow,Green)) create a formual field and define some criteria and set the flag for that criteria.


Hope it helps!



Shannon HaleShannon Hale

There is no way currently to change formatting on the text output of a formula field, such as changing the text color.


You can, as @Prady01 pointed out, use an image in the formula that is red, green or yellow. See this document, Getting Started with Image Fields, for more information. Salesforce supplies some sample images for red/green/yellow flags that you can use -- the paths to these images are in the sample formulas in the document.

Shane BanorShane Banor
Wow, Cool its here, I have been looking for it, This works!!
thank you prady01 and Shannon.