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Report of Contacts Without Opportunities or Contact with no Opportunities


I need to create a report with the following catagory, it may look simple but can't generate in professional edition 

All contacts without opportunity.

i have tried rollup summay field on account, it shows all contacts(with/without opportunity) related to account 

I cannot create a formula or rollup field in contact to calculate total opportunities since there is no any direct relationship between contact and opportunities.

I can create report type - opportunities with contact role but there is no cross filter functionality available on professional edition also if i use the filter contact id equal none its not at all filtering properly. This kind of relationship filter is not implemented i guess.

If anyone came across same situation and found any solution for this PLEASE help me.

Email - sthandavarayan@gtr.net


The best approach to this is using Cross Filters. You will need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition. 


Hello , Have you tried to create a report type? Create | Report Type | New Custom Report. Promary Object = Contact and select A" records may or may not have related "B" records." then filter out the contacts with no opps.