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Business days formula For Validation Field on Account

Hello - I am trying to calculate the number of business hours it took for one of my data analsys to triage a new Regestration (account), i need to have business hours between 7:00 am to 6:00pm and excluding weekends. 


Any help would be AWESOME!




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Thank you so much! This did help alot.



In addition to many of the formulas floating out there, I had to add the below to take care of Holidays.


Add the below line to say count one less business day for Christmas.


 - (if((MyTask_Due_Date__c > DATE(2013,12, 25)  && TODAY() > DATE(2013,12, 25) )  , 1, 0) )  


So, to calculate the Business days between two dates - that exclude Weekends AND Holiday(Christmas this year).


TODAY() - MyTask_Due_Date__c - 2*( floor((TODAY() - DATE(2009, 9, 14))/7) - floor((MyTask_Due_Date__c  - DATE(2009, 9, 14))/7) ) - (if((MyTask_Due_Date__c > DATE(2013,12, 25)  && TODAY() > DATE(2013,12, 25) )  , 1, 0) )


I know this is a manual way and it means you will need to remember to change the <year>, but if there is an easier way to read the Holidays from the setup, please share it here.