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Update Opportunity Fields from Account Fields



Can someone Please assure , is it possible or not on professional edition ? 


There is a look-up relationship in opportunity with account(Basically),


I have some fields on Account and same fields are there in opportunity too,


Most of the fields are updated on account itself, Is it possible to override the same in opportunity too with input from account object?  


I have only two solutions 

1. Workflow  - Professional edition doesn't support 

2. Formula - User cannot modify or enter values 


I want to enter the values on opportunity if values are empty coming from account..


Is there any way to achive it ? 


Please let me know for further clarifications.. 



Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

Hi Salthivel,


Workflow or trigger will not help us because Professional edition doesn't support. Either you need to pay more to get these functionality or use formula fields.


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Madhan Raja M


Professional Edition does not offer workflows and you also don't have the option to write a trigger to populate Opportunity fields from the Account fields. You may need to check with SFDC if they can enable these features for a price!

Only option would be formula fields, but neither will the users be able to edit them, nor will they appear in reports.

Hope this helps!


Yup its not possible


I gave a better solution to fulfill client's requirements


Thanks for the responses :)




Sounds good Sathvikel! Would love to know the better solution that you proposed, so do share it here!


Sure, If it is enterprise edition we can go for many solutions !


But they have professional edition and dont want to upgrade further,


They have 40+ custom fields on account, 


Instead filling and replicating all those fields from account to opportunity i suggested to enter those informations on opportunity itself, this simply helps me on creating validation rules also,


This is not first time i'm facing troubles like this! **bleep** Atleast workflow must be enabled for Prof Edition.