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In case you missed it!

Summer '13 has a long awaited feature of mine - Cross-Object Owner Formulas.  As a developer, I can't count the number of times that I have written a trigger on objects for clients to populate a custom user lookup so they could use it in formula fields.  Almost every sObject has the owner field but it's polymorphic, meaning it can point to a queue or user. This presented Salesforce.com with a problem in their data model using formulas.  For instance, if Salesforce.com allowed you to reference Owner.FirstName and the owner was a queue, you would receive a runtime exception. Now there is native support for using cross-object formulas for all Owner fields.  The syntax is slightly different than normal.  For instance, the syntax to show a custom field from the User object would be Owner:User.MyCustomField__c.  You can also determine if the record is owned by a queue in a validation rule ISBLANK(Owner:User.Id). 

What new features are you excited about in the upcoming release?


Actually, I did miss that! I am going to be able to remove/reduce a number of triggers. Thanks for that.


Got to check out Workflows as well.


I know, it's a great feature without much in the docs!




There are 90 features are added in this summer'13 release



Yes that is great!!

I have actually written a trigger for similar requirement.

Thanks to Salesforce, triggers wont be required anymore. :)

Talking about new feature related to formula, have you noticed that now we can have formula return type as CHECKBOX :)

Well done Salesforce! :)


I have covered it up