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Governor Limit Warning Email from WorkflowQueue.null

Hey everyone. I got this email warning me of nearing a Governor limit of SOQL queries. I'm not too worried at this stage, but what I'm confused on is identifing what series of code is getting me the warning. The operation is: WorkflowQueue.null which sounds like it's a timebased workflow -- but there's no information that I can see that will indicate what rule fired that caused all the SOQL queries.


Anyone have an idea where to look? Since it doesn't send the warning until after the workflow fires - I haven't been able to see what workflow happened in the past (just upcoming scheduled timebased workflows).


Subject: Apex governor limit warning
Operation: workflowQueue.null

By user/organization: 00530000000feI7/00D300000000QWu

Caused the following Apex resource warnings:

Number of SOQL queries: 13 out of 20

(these emails can be disabled from the user detail page for this user)



Because Apex runs in a multitenant environment, the Apex runtime engine strictly enforces a number of limits to ensure that runaway scripts do not monopolize shared resources. These limits, or governors, track and enforce the statistics of Trigger,Anonymous Block, Visualforce Controller, or WSDL Method or TestMethods. I think you should ideally lookout for Trigger and custom code in your org.


For more clarity refer to the documentation below:-



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Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay, but some reason I'm not getting my Email notifications from the board.


I understand what the governor limits are and why they exist in Salesforce. My problem is that I'm getting the email warning that I'm approaching those limits - but doesn't tell me what's actually causing me to reach that limit. I look at that warning and it appears it has something to do with a workflow. BUt I don't know what Object is involved, what workflow, what trigger or anything that can give me a clue where to start looking for the potential problem.

Eric Boller 14Eric Boller 14
This happened to me, except with future calls. I was able to find the information needed under Setup>Jobs>Apex Jobs