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How to insert a AccountSharing record linked to a Territory

Hi All,


We need to add a manual AccountSharing records for Territories. We need to manage this process manually and cannot use the standard Territory functionality. In my trigger i have the following steps:



  • Get the account id
  • Get the territory id
  • Get the group id for the territory
  • Build a list of AccountSharing records to be inserted
The trigger saves correctly, but when i try to insert an account i get the following error:
REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, missing required field: AccountAccessLevel (Access level should not be specified on territory manual assignment): [AccountAccessLevel]:
Here is the final insert list code example:
for(ID tid : territoryids){
insert_account_territories.add(New AccountShare(
AccountId = accid,
UserOrGroupId = tid,
AccountAccessLevel = 'Read'));


Please help!!!!



I did something similar, then added this line:


 Database.SaveResult[] lsr = Database.insert(corrShrs,false);


where corrShrs are the Share Record list (array). Also, I included a "RowCause" - which I had to define before I executed the code. Check it out in the APEX manual.