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Customer Portal Content Download Tracking and/or ClickTracking

Hey Everyone,


I'm working on a pretty insane project right now that has a very cool requirement. Basically, we're building a very content rich customer portal. For every user of the portal, we need to track exactly what Salesforce content they downloaded, links clicked on etc.


I don't believe Salesforce content API exposes downloads outside of internal Salesforce users so I was considering building a click tracking module for my customer portal. If I'm going to do this, now I need a place to store all the data that we're capturing from customer portal sessions. A few options I'm considering:


A. Salesforce.com record for every click/download/etc - While this will be the easiest to write the reports the client wants, I'm hosed on data storage as the site has potentially thousands of users clicking everywhere.


B. Create one salesforce.com record per authenticated session and store all of the clicks in a comma separated text area long field.


C. Setup a MYSQL database over on AWS and capture this data here. I'll have to then write my consumption reports by looking at AWS and SFDC but the store capacity is far greater than what we have at Salesforce.


If anyone has ever built something like this before or has any suggestions on how to proceed, please do let me know.




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