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test data for events?

Hi ,


 I want to write test cases for Event related functionality. I am stuck at creating test data for

  EventAttendees. as EventAttendees are child to Event. and they can be either Contacts, Users or Leads.


anyone help me with this?





Just create Contacts, Lead or Users first and then the EventAttendee. An example could look as follows:


Account a = new Account(Name = 'test');

insert a;

Contact c = new Contact(LastName = 'Tester', AccountId = a.Id);

insert c;

Event e = new Event();

//more code to define event

insert e;


//now create attendeeEventAttendee

ea = new EventAttendee();

ea.Status = 'the status';

ea.EventId = e.Id;

ea.AttendeeId = c.Id; //this could also be a lead or a userinsert ea;




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Yes i tried the same before ...but it didnt allow me to add attendeeId saying its not writable.


Later I read somewhere that Eventattendees can not be added from apex class.






Currently it is not supported. The only thing you can do, not great, but a solution, is to create some test events in your dev and production environments that you can query for to do your testing.


Vote for this idea on the IdeaExchange as well:


Unlock EventAttendee in the APIUnlock EventAttendee in the API