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Remote Site URL truncated - using TwitterForce guidelines from '09 Hackathon Guide

I'm trying to revisit my Hackathon app and in the interest of time I installed the TwitterForce classes and am running into the following problem (which has been mentioned on the CodeShare page TwitterForce in February but has not been answered.


When I plug in the Remote Site URL http://twitter.com/account/verify_credentials.xml and enter, the URL is truncated to http://twitter.com, and I am thinking this is the cause of the next issue which involves logging in from the included VF page and getting a


ParseError at [row,col]:[316,27] Message: expected start or end tag




I know it's been 1/2 a year since the Hackathon, but does anyone have any insight on this?




remote site URLs are all just the actual domain name and protocol