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Just signed up. No APEX menu in Setup --> Developer

I just signed up for Salesforce Developer Edition for the 1st time. However, on the lefthand side the APEX menu in Setup --> Developer is missing. What went wrong? Must i sign up additionaly for APEX acces, if so where?


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Did you sign up for Developer Edition or for Free Force.com Edition?


Developer Edition is a free 'playground' for personal use and lets you use Apex directly.


Free Force.com Edition is a full production organization that you can use with real end users.  You can't create or edit Apex code directly in a production organization.  Instead you should create a Developer Sandbox (Setup > Data Management > Sandbox), which is a copy of all your production configuration and code, and you can write your Apex code there.  When your code is working and you've written test methods to test 75% or more of your code, you can deploy it back to production (Setup > App Setup > Deploy).  See the Apex Developer's Guide for more on testing and code coverage.