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Is there any way or workaround to link converted Lead to Account???


I have lead converted process that converts lead and creates new Account.

In Account object, I added lookup field to Lead. (for creating new custom  report type)


Is there any way or workaround to link converted Lead to Account???


I get following  error from trigger :

CANNOT_UPDATE_CONVERTED_LEAD, cannot reference converted lead: [Lead_Name__c]



Thank you




Unfortunately there is not a workaround for this - converted leads can't be targetted in lookup fields.


Why are you looking to make the link?  Note that upon conversion the ConvertedAccountID is populated with the new account ID, and you can use Lead History to run reports with both Lead & Account info.

Shai MizrahiShai Mizrahi
Hi How can we use Lead History to run reports with both Lead & Account info ? The lead history contains only LEAD fields that were changed. Actually we need a report that diaplays some lead's fields, and if the lead was converted - dispaly some of the account's fields too. (Join LEAD and ACCOUNT) Thanks, Shai

Ooops - I meant the Leads with converted lead information.  If you don't see a report type like that, you can create a new report type based on lead, and then click:

 - Edit Layout

 - Add fields related via lookup

 - Converted Account

 - <desired fields>



Shai MizrahiShai Mizrahi
Hi 1. The "Leads with converted lead information" shows only Lead+Opportunity fields - so it is not useful in our case. 2. Sorry, but I don't understand you suggestion to create a new report type. We can't do that since there is no proper lookup field that we can use. (We tried to create one, but we couldn't write the proper values in it using a trigger). Shai

Are you an Enterprise Edition customer?  If so, here's the click path:

  1. Setup
  2. Create
  3. Report Types
  4. New Custom Report Type
  5. Primary Object = Leads
  6. Step 2 - Save (don't add anything)
  7. Edit Layout (bottom of screen)
  8. Add fields related via lookup >> (mid right side of the screen)
  9. Converted Account
  10. <Select Fields>

I found this very useful - thank you.


My only issue is that a report built on this report type only returns data where the lead has been converted. I'm looking for custom information (fields) from the Account to be brought into a report (something like a Lead Lifetime report but with Account custom information rather than Opportunity information (fields)).


I'm sure that there was a reason for doing it this way (ie. relating the Lead to the Opportunity rather than to the converted Account info) but in our company, we store product /Account ID's (as a custom field) in the Account record and I would like to be able to track the lifetime of a lead as it comes in, until the point where something is purchased (ie. we enter a product/Account ID into the custom field we've created in Account).


I suspect that the root problem is the same.


Any suggestions are appreciated. If I can't have it all in one report, I would probably have one Lead Lifetime report and this new linked Lead-->Converted account report and then combine them in Excel (which is a pain).


Mark - you can grab Account fields with the steps I laid out, as well as contact & opportunity fields.


I'm pretty sure lead convert will write an ID for all 3 of the account, contact, and opportunity, even if merged into an existing account.


Thanks John, you're right I can grab the data but unfortunately it only reports on leads that have been converted (I guess the report uses an equi-JOIN in database terms between leadID and accountID) but I need to see all the leads that are not converted and all the leads that are converted in the same report.


Using the steps you laid out gives me great access to the Account information but it doesn't show me all the leads, just the ones that are converted to accounts. Note, that in this particular case, I don't really care about opportunity information.


Again, I may be taking the wrong approach,  but my goal is to demonstrate a lead's lifetime from lead creation to account creation (conversion) and then grab customID's (our own product ID's which are custom fields in the account) all in the same report.


Hope that makes more sense. Thanks for your feedback.








Ah - gotcha.  I thought you could have both along side for a Lead report, but I trust your tests.


The reports team is working hard on supporting exception reporting (could show both), but it will be a while before they release anything to make exception reporting or other outer joins a reality.


I think it's probably natural to assume that most would use the Opportunity to link account information into the report. In my case, I'm only interested in limited data and want to try and reduce bad data from data entry. 


Anyways, thanks for the information. I realize that it's not easy to provide query level reporting on a hosted platform. The replies are appreciated!