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Sandbox to Production

Can someone please pass me the links on whats the best way to move changes over from sandbox to production.We have the Enterprise edition with a developer sandbox and I just made a bunch of changes in sandbox including introducing custom objects , visualforce pages , triggers and more.




There;s three ways you can do this:

1. Change sets: For more information search for "Change sets" in the Help and training link and you'll find information on how to go about that.

2. Force.com IDE: You have the option to "deploy" from sandbox to production. http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Force.com_IDE is a good starting point for documentation.

3. Force.com migration tool: An Ant based command line utility that does the deployment. Go to  http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Force.com_Migration_Tool for more information.