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Are They? "Callout from triggers are currently not supported" Error


I am getting conflicting information.  While deploying I get an error (subject line).  On a few blogs I see discussion of Callouts not being supported from triggers, while at the same time there are specific examples provided that are doing just that, and is something very similar to what I have put together......(for instance the below link)




Is there clarification anywhere presently on this?


Thanks for the direction....



For anyone who had similar issue, here is the answer.......  basically you need to set the method as an @future....







Have you set Remote Site Settings in Security Controls yet?






The process is functional from a VF controller/page lookup.  I am just trying to pull the same information from the same location, and instead of just displaying, doing an update to store reportable info in salesforce itself.  So, I was hoping to setup a trigger, on an update, to initiate the request.  Apparently, you need to do an @future and it will take then..... which makes some sense.....