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Run All Tests doesn't return results some times

I have an org with a lot of apex code.  I use the Run All Tests button in the Apex Classes section.  I've noticed sometimes I get the test results back and sometimes I don't.  The page just continues to display the message "Running Tests..."


Does anyone know why this is happening?  I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the connection time out (I have alot of tests to run).


have you asked sfdc support?


No not yet.  That would be my next step.  The Eclipse Force.com IDE always runs the test but doesn't give me an overall code coverage.


I usually run the test from the UI if I want to see code coverage. If you click on the percent numbers on the result page, you will see the code that is not covered highlighted in red. Comes in handy.


The IDE sometimes timesout for me, maybe thats happening to you, if you are running All tests in an ORG with lots of code , i would suggest doing so from the ORG UI, in SETUP -> DEVELOP -> Apex Classes - > Run all Tests button.


But for checking some classes IDE is perfect.