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praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan 

How to convert the Hexa Decimal value into Byte code?

In my object there are totally three fieds Value__c,Hexa__c,Bytevalue_c.

Value__c- User input(textfield).

Hexa__c- Hexa Decimal of A (text field used trigger to convert string to hexa decimal).

Bytevalue__c In this field I need to save the byte code of the Hexa Decimal value.


Sample Input:


Value__c -- 'A'


Hexa__c- '6dcd4ce23d88e2ee9568ba546c007c63d9131c1b'


Now I need to convert Hexa__c to bytecode. So I have used IF ladder for Substitute but it is not working. 


if(contains(Encrypted__c,'a') ,
SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'a', '1010' ),

if( contains(Encrypted__c,'b') ,
SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'b', '1011' ),

if(contains(Encrypted__c,'c') ,
SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'c', '1010' ),

if( contains(Encrypted__c,'d') ,
SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'd', '1011' ),

if(contains(Encrypted__c,'e') ,
SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'e', '1010' ),

if( contains(Encrypted__c,'f') ,
SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'f', '1011' ),

SUBSTITUTE(Encrypted__c, 'c', '1011')




Help me to do this.. Thanks..





Hello Praveen,


Please refer the following link which has multiple code snippets for this requirement:




Hope this helps!