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Create workflow to update Account Record type based on custom field on User record.

Our record types are based on the record owner's Record Type.  I created a new field on the User record called Record Type that I will manually update.  I need to create a workflow that will update the record type of an Account or Opportunity if the Owner changes and the Record type is not the same as the Record type for the User.




This can not be achieved by work flows and i also doubt if this can be done with programming because as per design it is not suggested.


The reason why this is not advisable that if you change the record type of an already created record then there might be complications that the existing record type of page has different page layout then the new record type. Now there could be scenario where the number of fields are not same in both the page layouts and also might be we have different sets of required fields in the page layouts.




Why not create a unique profile for these users and only allow the correct record type for them for the object?