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Picklist Value change

     Hi All,

                     I have Picklist value None,External,Internal,when i select none the Resource(percent) Fields remains zero or i select external and internal value ,the input value same what i entered in the Resource field.Based on the percentage value i need to calculate the total amount.How to solve this issues.

Daniel B ProbertDaniel B Probert

something like this should do the trick if i understanding you correctly. i'm presuming that the resource field is a formula field already?




if(ispickval(customfield__c,"Internal"),50, null)))


you could even just reduce this further by simply setting the picklist to default of none, then use this formula



if(ispickval(customfield__c,"Internal"),50, 0))


if the resource field is not a picklist then you will need to create a workflow to acheive what your looking to do.





if this helped kudos it :)