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Unable to add custom link on visual force page

I am working on this project where I have downloaded the managed app into my salesforce. I am hosting visual force page on our internal website where people can go and signup for volunteer work.


My problem is that I want to display a link / URL on the visual force page, when the user will click this link it should open a PDF file. But unfortunately this is managed app and I can't add the link by editing the code in the Visual force page. I was hoping is someone can direct me how to do this. Its very critical.




As we know that it is not possible to edit the manage package code but I can suggest an alternative that might help you.


If it is possible create a new page and add your custom code to generated PDF and use <apex:iframe> to embed managed package page. But if VF page is with header and footer, it will render with them inside iframe.


Here is the sample code:

<apex:page >

<a href="#"> Test Link</a>
 <apex:iframe src="{!$Page.namespace__VFPageName}" />