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Populate field with number of days open?



I have a custom field on a custom object called "Days Job Open".  I want to know how to populate this field via a workflow and specifically what criteria would I need.  I know what I want to do, but not quite sure of the steps needed to make it happen.   

The logic is that whenever a job is posted I want to populate this field with the value equal to the number of days the job has been open.    All jobs have a "published date" and an "end date" so I want to subtract and get the difference and that will be my value I want to put in my "Days Job Open" column.


How can I do this?






     You can directly use the formula field below, or you can use the formula criteria in Workflow to implement your scenario.

Use the Formula and let me know, if u have any doubts.



IF( ISBLANK( Close_Date__c ),
TODAY() - Open_Date__c ,
Close_Date__c - Open_Date__c )



Nithya Kalyani. C/Salesforce Developer