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Sylvio AvillaSylvio Avilla 

Merge 2 Objects to create a new one



would like some help on this problem.

I have 4 custom fields (Date/Time Let’s call it Date_Time__c) that must be filled on each trip (I have about 190 trips a day). So It´s a lot of typing, especially when the only thing I really need to type is the Time, because I have an object that already contains the day (Let's call it Day__c) I’m working with...

So I thought about creating another object (Time__c) and merge with a formula (Day__c and Time__c) objects, so I would save a lot of time. 

I know that there is no data type as TIME, so I thought to use a number and on this new formula change to TIME format to ""HH:MM"

Another thing is that sometimes I have trips that are finished on the day after it begins, so I would have to add a day in to the formula on those cases.

It is possible to do it with formula or I would have to do with Classes?

I hope I have made myself clear!






When day is involved, why don't you use field type Date/Time. It will also provide you flexibility of using date functions on this field.

Sylvio AvillaSylvio Avilla

Thanks for the answer.


The problem is that I am using Date/Time type, the problem is that I have to fill 4 Times the date. I would like to avoid this. I wanted the Day to be filled automatically based on a "Master Object" that contains the date and just fill the Time...


i.e          Date -  14/10/2013


               Start 1 - 14/10/2013  14:00

               Start 2 - 14/10/2013  14:20

               End 1  - 14/10/2013  15:00

               End 2  - 14/10/2013  16:00


               What I whant do do..


               Date -  14/10/2013


               Time 1 - 14:00

               Time 2 - 14:20

               Time 3  - 15:00

               Time 4  - 16:00




               Start 1 - Date + Time 1 (14/10/2013  14:00)

               Start 2 - Date + Time 2 (14/10/2013  14:20)

               End 1  - Date + Time 3 (14/10/2013  15:00)

               End 2  - Date + Time 4 (14/10/2013  16:00)