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Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot 

URL hack to delete value in lookup field?

Populating a lookup field with a URL hack is discussed in many online forums. I cannot find anywhere that discusses deleteing the value in a lookup field with a URL hack. Neither of the two attmempts below worked for me.


HYPERLINK("/"& Id & "/e?00N70000002svgb=&00N70000002svgb_lkid=&save=1&retURL=/006?fcf=00B70000007W9Ba&saveURL=/006?fcf=00B70000007W9Ba", "Delete Gateway", "_self")


HYPERLINK("/"& Id & "/e?00N70000002svgb=&00N70000002svgb_lkid=null&save=1&retURL=/006?fcf=00B70000007W9Ba&saveURL=/006?fcf=00B70000007W9Ba", "Delete Gateway", "_self")


Note that my actual formula deletes data in several other text and picklist fields, and all of the other fields are successfully updated when the URL is clicked. All other parts of this formula are working fine. I just can't get the value in the lookup field to be deleted. The lookup field is not a required field.


This can only work in edit mode, or in other words, if the field at that time is NOT read only.  Give it a try.


You have to set the ID to the magic value "000000000000000" (15 zeroes).


HYPERLINK("/"& Id & "/e?00N70000002svgb_lkid=000000000000000&save=1&retURL=/006?fcf=00B70000007W9Ba&saveURL=/006?fcf=00B70000007W9Ba", "Delete Gateway", "_self")


Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot

Unfortunately that did not work. I tried with 18 zeros as well. I'm curious sfdcfox, have you had success with the method you described? Maybe there's something more required?

I'll look into it. I believe I tried this in my developer account, but ti's been a little while.