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Workflow/Formula for a picklist

I am trying to write a workflow or a formula that when this Assumed_Product_Interest__c is updated by certain user roles that it checks another field Lock_Product_Interest__c.  I can't seem to figure out how to do this.

Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot

The Workflow Rule will look something like this (with your own Role IDs rather than the examples I used):


                    $User.UserRoleId = "00E7000000RoleID1",
                    $User.UserRoleId = "00E7000000RoleID2",
                    $User.UserRoleId = "00E7000000RoleID3"


Then for the workflow actions, just add a Field Update for Lock Product Interest. There will be options in the Field Update to indicate if you want the field "checked" or "unchecked".


It says a picklist field is not able to use the ISCHANGED formula.

Forza di SognoForza di Sogno

The ISCHANGED will only be available if you had selected the Evaluation Criteria as created, and every time it’s edited.